Yaroslava Trishina

Hello everyone!) More than a month has passed since the moment I flew to Dubai. I work at the Oberoi, Dubai. In general, I am very pleased that I nevertheless decided to go, although, of course, doubts and fears tormented me. They put me in a room with one girl, the rooms are clean, there is everything you need, the area is pleasant, in each yard there is a pool. Meals are provided at the hotel, in the cafeteria, there is a lot of food, there are always fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, there is no problem) And Dubai itself, of course, is simply magnificent, especially at night, a lot of cool places to go, malls, to which can be stuck for the whole day, you won’t tell everything. And yes, you will have a lot of new friends and acquaintances, this is guaranteed) Thank you so much Victor for employment and constant support!

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