Vladlena Saraeva

Hello everyone from the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi
I want to thank Victor Lastick Group for the opportunity to see this country!
Exactly a week, we are in the hottest city in the world. If you like to walk outdoors in the afternoon, I do not advise you to choose this place! But if you want to see a developed country, gain experience working abroad, get acquainted with a new culture (and even many new cultures due to the multinationality of this state), if you want to fulfill the duties clearly specified in your job description and work a strictly established standardized working day, if you want to travel and improve yourself at the same time – learn the language and get new skills at work – WELCOME TO UAE !!!
I am pleased with the choice that I was a little afraid to make, but still made. I work in a Brazilian restaurant, live in a completely comfortable hostel – a villa, communicate with English-speaking guys, guests, and management. And already managed to spend her first day off cool
Do not be afraid! Do it! If you are a realist and aware of which country and on what conditions you eat, if you are ready to work and try, live in eternal summer and change your life, then your expectations will be justified!
Good luck to all!

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