Client reviews


Yevgeniy Avramenko, 26 years old, Retail sales associate

«The Lastick Group are recruiters with complete integrity, intelligence and an expert overview of the industries and market they operate in. They provided fantastic professional advice to me throughout my move to the Dubai but also took great care to help me navigate the personal side of the move too, so that I was well equipped to start my new job in a new country. They followed up frequently on my experiences, which I greatly appreciated. They are genuine professionals who clearly wants (and gets) the best for candidates.»

Andrey Kotenko, 29 years old, Java developer

«The Lastick Group is a world class professional group that has an extensive background in the IT industry and in-depth understanding of the recruitment industry. The Lastick Group appreciates the complexities of finding the right talent. They studied my profile well and gave me the opportunities that fit my needs. They followed up with me and the recruiters till we found match of both needs at my current position in Atos company. Throughout the process, they were discreet, reliable and punctual. I highly recommend The Lastick Group for any company or candidate.»

Olga Mazur, 23 years old, Personal assistant

«The Lastick Group demonstrated a high degree of expertise in finding me a suitable position in Shell company. Their approach was very professional and detail oriented. In addition, The Lastick Group’s style was open and inviting to questions and they willingly gave their time to responding to questions thoroughly. They are extremely enthusiastic about their work. I certainly would recommend The Lastick Group.»